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The South Dakota Inaugural


Welcome to South Dakota’s 2023 Inaugural Celebration!

The events are a beautiful blend of reverence and merriment. It’s an opportunity for the people of this great state to salute the democratic process and celebrate those we have elected to lead us.

black and white photo of the South Dakota Capitol

Held in Pierre, the community considers it an honor and a privilege to serve as the state’s epicenter of democracy and host of the Inaugural Celebration.

As the hub of State Government, Pierre is accustomed to the buzz of State Government and welcomes the Inaugural ceremonies as another opportunity to host South Dakota's elected leaders.

Pierre: The State Capitol

The Event

Every four years, we roll out the red carpet for family, friends, and citizens who gather for the occasion. The weekend is months in the making and pulled together by a volunteer team who coordinates everything from motorcades, to refreshments, to oath of office ceremonies and entertainment. It’s a massive undertaking. Joined by hundreds of volunteers, the committee works to make the event one to remember.

Capitol balcony, interior, facing the Senate chamber
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